June 10, 2009

Save Me from Myself….

Posted in Health Insurance, Health System Reform, Medical Savings Accounts, Public Private Partnership tagged , , at 5:35 pm by healthyacrossthenations

As noted in my past posts, the great inefficiencies and poor effectiveness of the current private for profit Health Insurance System in the US does need to change.

Also noted were some ideas (borrowed from a few other countries systems- including innovations to expand upon in the US) that might be more helpful, particularly in these changing times.

A public Private Health Coverage System is a vital change that must move forward before it is too late. In this respect, using existing infrastructure of existing large insurance companies who will streamline service provision and Health IT within a national framework- who will be responsible to accept most all applicants and get reimbursed by government coffers which in turn will be financed through payroll taxes AND  income related contributions  from consumers for basic Health Care coverage that will be much less than the massively growing current health premiums companies are charging today- this is a highly desirable goal. This would create an internal market that could encourage quality of caregiving.

Moreover, these privately run insurance companies should offer supplemental coverage for extra fees per month per interested party- perhaps there could be 2-3 supplemental levels that might offer higher levels of benefits. These funds would act as the private income that can be used by these Health Insurance Funds that can be used to improve services, increase availability of medical equipment and other technical enhancementss, or improve the ratio or diversity of medical personnel.

Moreover, it might behoove these insurance funds to be able to encourage consumers to save money for medical purposes by being allowed to help set up tax free medical savings accounts- which can be used to augment their basic services (extra fees for greater benefits) OR can be used with the insurance company as a pay as you go medical scheme which can be used when necessity calls for it on top of the basic coverage.


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