About the Author and this blog

The Author, Tanya Meyer (AKA Healthyacrossthenations, Moving AHEAD into Health), took her first Degree in Sociology in NY and her 2nd Degree (joint Degree)  in Health Policy, Planning and Finance from both the London School of Economics and The London School of Hygieme and Tropical Medicine. She has also taken coursework at the University of Cape Town in South Africa (Health Economics), as well as George Washington University (International Health). Ms. Meyer is also a trained public speaker and is happy to have wonderful, long winded and enlightening (on both sides) discussions with  anyone  about Health and Social Policy and Finance across the nations. This is the reason she thought this blog might be a good idea- to capture the important discussions of the moment regarding how to improve services and care to all people. It might be a historical moment in history we live through.

Ms. Meyer has also worked in the US at the National and State Level in Health and Development Services Policy and Planning. She has also worked in this field in South Africa, the UK and the Middle East.  Below is a brief listing of some of her qualifications and/or activities.

• MSc in health policy, planning and financing

• International (Africa, Middle East, Europe, UK), national (US, South Africa, UK) and local experience in Health and Social Policy, Planning, Finance and Development

• Proficient in strategic and organizational Planning and Project Management in Health and Social Policy

• Well versed in health Program Policy Development and Planning as well as health program evaluation and monitoring • Trained in Grant Writing and Proposal Development for Health and Social Services from Government and private entities


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